Monday, March 19, 2007


On my spring break, the day after we had gotten out of school me and my friend went to go see the movie "300" and the theatre was packed with people that night. I went to my dad's house for some parts of the break to spend time with our new family since my father had gotten married in december. I spent time with my best friend Cody Jerabek for most of the break we pretty much went all around town when it was actually warm outside.

The new trimester is okay so far with my classes and getting to see my friends again in school. I am really excited for this last part of the school year because i will be busy with a lot of things to do such as sports, getting a job and relay for life. Most of my days will be filled with everyday track and field, basketball on certain days of the week and the same for my job that i apply for. Since i will be so occupied with my time frame i feel like this 3rd trimester will be the best part of the school year for me.

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Quinton English 10 said...

Q your spring break soundslike alot of fun, have fun in the trimester